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The Best Events in Robotics from 2016… to follow closely in 2017!

 MakerSecrets reveals the secrets of manufacturing, as its name suggests, and our team favours new technologies to provide adequate knowledge to the new generation of makers!
We will therefore take stock of the emerging technologies, the technological trends, having had a rapid growth during this year 2016. Because to train well is to be informed well!
Everyone will be able to note the evolution of the science of data in general. Particularly advanced learning machine, artificial intelligence. Evolving physical and digital architectures, as well as our way of thinking.
We will see that a small revolution is in progress … 2016 was a discrete year in the eyes of the public about new technologies, but as we will see, the new technologies will delight the new generation makers!

-More intelligent machines, closer to man-

In 2016, we notice the evolution of the intelligent machine in two categories.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning …

Deep learning, neural networks and natural-language processing (NLP) have reached crucial stages for innovation. We have gone from traditional algorithms to algorithms as we can see in the much more complex google tensorflow but still within reach of any new generation makers.

Systems understand, learn, predict, adapt and work independently.

In application of the tensorflow, no maker was able to pass next to these famous ‘paintings’ drawn by the neural network associated with the tensorflow.

In 2016, intelligent machines really look smart! And yet, we are not yet at Artificial Intelligence … We are at the beginnings of what will be the true revolution. The Neural networks associated with deep learning programs could make us think that artificial intelligence will bring us that little thing, but be sure that the artificial intelligence arrives … To great step … And that it will be ‘Amazing’!

Pending this great adventure, advanced learning gives rise to a range of physical devices (Robots, Cobots, stand-alone vehicles, consumer electronics) as well as applications and services (Virtual Assistant, Intelligent Advisor)

The public will not see anything … And this is the great strength of this new technology!

We can already see some VPAs helping us with some daily tasks (prioritizing mails for example, highlighting content and interaction). Or VCAs for sales support and customer service.

These applications are already transforming our daily lives.

“Over the next 10 years, virtually every app, application and service will incorporate some level of AI,” said Mr Cearley. “This will form a long-term trend that will continuously evolve and expand the application of AI and machine learning for apps and services.”

Applications and ‘things’ go beyond the rigid standard programming model. They have seen on their environment … They are no longer useful, but they become collaborative.

This collaboration brings us on two paths …

The extension of physical capacities of man, or man increased.
And the cerebral extension of man with his immersion in the world of the machine.

-The increased human-

Technologies in the service of human … This does not mean ‘replacing’ man with the machine.


Some technologies like the evolution of electronics allow a real increase in the capacities of Human, like, add memory … Or rather have memory for him. This is the case of new generations of implants or electronic tattoos, which could for example allow you to access all your accounts (Banking, social networks, Paypal …) without even having to Logger you. An electronic identification directly implanted, or incrusted on your skin …

We find in the pipe of new technologies 2016, other nuggets … As the advanced lightning lenses with integrated zoom. Of course, continuous research, and progress quickly in the field … the zoom option is only a small function of the next generation lenses … To be continued in 2017!

With Space X’s advances in the area of space conquest and everything that goes with it, connected combinations, reusable rockets, self-produced robots, mineral studies, not to mention research on long-distance connections, ‘Archiving encrypted data … And so on … So with its advances, the increased man will also be by his knowledge, his knowledge and his ability to explore … (In your To do list daily, note to follow Elon Musk In his adventure!)

And speaking precisely of the knowledge of Man … I have not yet spoken to you of the advances on the theory of the strings!
We had a promising start to the year 2016 with the attempt of mathematical approximation between string theory and quantum gravitation with a loop …

String theory consists in thinking that at the sub-atomic level, much smaller than the higg boson for example, we have small cords able to vibrate, stretch, unite or separate to form everything … These small cords being the most quantum element considered in a theoretical approach as the basis of everything we have known. These strings could explain the phenomena related to matter as to the space time … These strings could be constituted of pure energy!

Loop quantum gravitation focuses only on quantum time. With a mesh structure with knots and links.

We therefore have the strings with its 11 dimensions and super-symmetry or duality, in a unit to its twins in an unobservable environment, facing gravity based on 3 deformable dimensions in a deformable restricted space (I simplify, of course!)

But an image emerged from a conference of cordigans … We may be dealing here with two theories, but in fact they are certainly the two sides of the same piece … No apparent link if we observe them separately, but one Once united mathematically, we could discover an ALL.

So here we are at the end of 2016, and things are advancing … The conclusion that could be made on this very complex subject is that the ALL equation is not for tomorrow (nor 2017), and we are certainly closer to An equation resembling an atlas in the form of multiple layers, or when you try to overlay everything, you fall in front of a black page, but or each layer taken apart, explains a fundamental element of this atlas …

In parallel with this, and to support the gravitational theory, we must underline a most extraordinary and disconcerting fact for the public … We measured the gravitational deformation … The deformations of space time. Although this observation was made in 2015, it was made public early this year …

While waiting for answers, the man works on other subjects concerning him. As we can see in 2016, with the explosion of 3D printers, prostheses, ortheses have not stopped evolving. This end of the year announces a new trend with the organic tissue regenerating in print 3D. Or the impression of living cells that will mutliple and ‘live’. What to look at the future of organ transplants differently, right? And why not, increase the capacity of our organs !!!

The increase of the man does not happen only inside or with objects bringing us some sympathetic functions … We multiply the forces and the speed of the Man … At least, some try to do it … At their Way, with exoskeletons. And I will not dwell on this subject today, because we will come back to it in various articles later, and certainly in some courses and training on the subject of exoskeletons. The mecha would be the principle that has experienced the most success and rebound in this year. But again, MakerSecrets will tell you more in the next publications and training or tips … As you wait to learn more about these technologies, lessons are planned !!!

In the same principle of the increased man, we have the man ‘imitated’ … For a long time, the researchers exchanged gingerly the biped for the quadrupede … Logical choice? Let us say rather that it was simpler to make believe that we are approaching a natural approach when the system can be laid on more than one support!

This time is over, the Boston Dynamics team proved it to us in 2016, and they have not ceased to amaze you … If, believe me, the humanoid or biped is about to be more Natural than ever! New technologies on the physical plane? Not really … In fact, we are closer to a soft self-evolving on this kind of system. With the arrival of the Neural Networks, we can actually see the appreciation of the walking of a robot! And we will see that the first steps are those of a new born … And if the physical architecture follows, it will be easily easy to run, jump by learning!

-Virtual immersion, imaginary world or not …-

With immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR – Occulus rift / Playstation VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) individuals interact with each other and with the machine completely transformed.


The IoT are also progressing in this direction, with the desire to bring a better user experience. The associated digital mesh will soon orchestrate a flow of information such that immersion will soon be total … Imagine diving into the heart of the machine’s dreams. After all, controlling your own dreams becomes possible with some products that can be found on kickstarter, or some products under development but have already embarked on a marketing approach!

But the virtual immersion is also an access to the databases … It would be a question of imaging the biggest databases to plunge into the heart of the ‘matrix’ … And yes, here we are!

This database can be the one created by the man, imagine a Google search in virtual immersion !!! But of course, the most, the highlight of the show … It is the access to the IoT database, or even, in the future, that of an AI … I let you imagine the incredible capabilities of such a technology !

With the current IoT meshing, launching an AI at the heart of this system, powered by an optical neural network (and quantum at the same time, if so, so are we!) Your Python programs compiled on Your Raspberry PI 3, associated with the TensorFlow library will look nothing like what we know today …

You only have to see Nvidia and Atos with their demonstration via the Bull Romeo supercomputer integrating the DGX-1 server … I almost say too much, I let you discover for yourself the extent, the gigantism of this advanced!

But all that … It’s data, on servers … Energy, hardware … A global bug is to be expected, but with this time, a saturation of servers …

No, that was before! Because with the hyperconvergence solutions being developed (exponential advances on the subject), we can unequivocally expect the arrival of optical (or photonic) processors … The optimization architecture solution allied to the new software in the field and To the new SSD (16To for the general public!) Allows us already years of storage of data to the scale of the machine!

-A little more …-


Behind all that, hides incredible technologies. Digital twins for example, dynamic software having the ability to understand and manage their own state thanks to some sensors and algorithms close to the neural network. Combination of metadata, conditions, state, event data and analyzes, digital twins are the application bootstraps of what we can find in the AI, but on a much smaller scale in terms of capacity.

The Digital twins will soon be counted by millions …

Planning, operation, increased operational efficiency, improved product development, these small applications will allow the combination, or rather the symbiosis between individual and devices … or ‘things’

But the technology, also passes by elements more … Physics!

Every new generation maker knows the virtues of silk. And well 2016 announces a revival of this material, with the manufacture of electronic components in silk … Thanks to its optical virtues, silk allowed extraordinary advances in this field. The researchers have already rebounded by creating the first optical processor. No more electrical information, but only information related to light, speed, frequency, precision, all in a biodegradable silk component with a low manufacturing cost and extreme lightness, with an unprecedented calorific conversion … What Else !

On the side of ‘clean’ technologies, we will also find the artificial tree … Reproducing the phenomenon of photosynthesis of leaves, this tree can then trap CO2. For the time being, the cost per tonne of CO2 unfortunately does not make it possible to use this technology profitably, but the research is continuing!

Then comes, THE miracle product … Magnetic soap!

You tell me, nice but … What can we do with us makers … Wash your hands?

And no, this technology is developed for industrial cleaning, water pollution control (Oil slicks for example) and I can bet you that it will not stop the … I let you choose how you use it!

The novelty does not stop here … The biokerosene, robot jellyfish (But why? Soft robot, gelatinous make protein-based … it’s about bringing new technology to life, and although the goal here little you Seem to blur, the first application remains the biomechanical prostheses in replacement of a member!), Microbial cells (The bacterial transformation produces energy, this is the one to store this energy), The electronic chips of desalination ( Electric field separating salt from water), eternal data storage (Quartz hard disk, for indestructible data), Data exchange by light (A kind of Morse code, but with a flashlight, and 1GHz please, better than your Wifi, right?)

In brief…

We could write a novel of interesting novelties as a Maker …
A meditation during your long family meals at the end of the year!

So what do you think ?

Do you see other remarkable technological advances?

Which technology would you like to test in your next project?


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